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When is my next hearing in immigration court?

To find out when and where you have your next hearing and what type of hearing it is, you can check the immigration court’s automated case status system using your “A number” or “alien number.” If your case isn’t showing up in the system yet you should keep checking regularly (at least once every other week) so that you don’t miss your hearing. A hearing notice will be sent to the address you provided the Court but your hearing information will show up in the automated case status system once any hearing is scheduled.

You should note that the date on your Notice to Appear may not be your actual hearing date, especially if that date is several months or a year away. Sometimes a Notice to Appear will contain a far away date because it is legally required to contain a date, but you will get a hearing notice later moving that original hearing date. If you check the automated case status system regularly you will be aware of any change to your hearing date. The information in the automated case status system will be the most up-to-date.


You can check the automated system online or by phone as explained below. Make sure you have informed the Court of any change of address. If you fail to receive a hearing notice because you did not inform the Court of your current address then you will be ordered removed in your absence on the day of that hearing. You must inform the Court of any change to your address immediately.

To check the automated case status system by phone:

Call 1-800-898-7180. 

Press 1 for instructions in English or 2 for instructions in Spanish.

Enter your A Number (the 9 digit number beginning with “A” that appears on all the paperwork you receive from the Court or any case specific documents from ICE–See example Notice to Appear)

Press 1 to confirm that your A Number is correct after it is read back.

Enter 1 to confirm your name (If the system spells out your name).

Press 1 to check when your next hearing is and what type of hearing it is, or listen for additional options (asylum clock, appeal information, bond information).

To check the Automated case status system online:

  • Go to the Automated Case Status System Website
  • Enter your A Number and click “Submit.”

The next page should show when your next hearing is and what type of hearing it is, under “Next Hearing Information.” If your A Number is not in the system then the Court has not updated it yet. If you think you have a hearing but the system doesn’t have your A Number then you should try calling the immigration court. You can find the contact information for immigration courts here.

If you moved to a different address, make sure you update your address with the Court. If you have any applications or petitions with USCIS remember that updating your address with the Court will not update your address with USCIS

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